Radio 4 is a Classical Radio Station in the Netherlands. Radio 4 is a Neutherlands Public Broadcasting public-service radio network. Radio 4 broadcasts the finest in classical music. Radio 4 is committed to providing classical music and other fine arts programming to entertain, inform and enrich Neutherlands. Radio 4 strives to provide the best and broadest selection of classical music and fine arts programming heard in the country. Radio 4 began broadcasting in 1975 under the name Hilversum 4. The Veronica broadcasting association produced the first programme on Radio 4. There are several broadcasting associations, which currently provide programming on Radio 4: AVRO, KRO, MAX, NCRV, NPS, TROS, VARA, VPRO.


Radio 4 broadcasts in several cities:
Goes: 95.0 FM               Hulsberg: 98.7 FM
Lopik: 94.3 FM              Loon op Zand: 98.2 FM
Markelo: 91.4 FM          Roermond: 94.5 FM
Rotterdam: 94.7 FM      Smilde: 94.8 FM
Wieringermeer: 101.6 FM