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KBIA is a radio station in Columbia, USA. KBIA is providing a digital simulcast of the current analog signal, in addition another two channels, which are called KBIA2 and KBIA3, that offer an entirely separate, complementary program services and broadcasting at 91.3 FM in mid-Missouri, and at 89.7 FM in Kirksville. KBIA FM provides comprehensive classical music programming, combining original productions and distinctive specialty programs. KBIA helps keep the arts thriving in our community by making wonderful classical music accessible to all. KBIA brings the listeners programs such as Classical Guitar Alive, Composers Datebook, Metropolitan Opera. The mission of Classical Guitar Alive is the betterment of mankind through music, and to seek to achieve this by bringing classical guitar music to the wides possible audience. The program Composers Datebook is produced by American Public Media in association with the American Composers Forum with support from the The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. 


Examples of programs: From the Top, Saint Paul Sunday, Metropolitan Opera

Contact: E-mail: John Bailey (BIO) – Program Director E-mail: BaileyJS (at) missouri (dot) edu
Karen Walker Seeger (BIO) – Operations and Music Director E-mail: SeegerK (at) missouri (dot) edu