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Kol Hamusica - The voice of music Kol Hamusica – The voice of music –  is an Israel Radio station of Kol Israel. This station broadcasts primarily Classical music. Kol Hamusica was established in 1983. In 2007 it was wanted to join this station to Reshet Alef. In the same year the name of the station was changed from “The voice of music” to “All music” for some time, but after that the name was returned. Kol Hamusica is committed to providing classical music and other fine arts programming to entertain, inform and enrich Israel. Kol Hamusica’s broadcast schedule includes locally produced and hosted classical music programming, live concerts, interviews, and information about music, regularly broadcasts programs featuring internationally renowned symphonic orchestras. Kol Hamusica begins broadcasting at 6 a.m. with a news bulletin followed by an hour of “Musical Clock”, short pieces interspersed with mentions of time and traffic reports. Kol Hamusica broadcasts the news every hour in the beginning of hour until 9 a.m., then at 2 and 8 p.m., and at midnight. 9:05 is time for Morning Concert which features the best of classical music in the best of performances (except for Monday which is mainly World Music), and this btoadcast lasts until midday. From Friday noon to Saturday night Kol Hamusica broadcasts many of our studio-produced programs (most re-broadcast during weed days) as well as top concert programs as they had during a week, for the benefit of music-lovers who could not listen to the music during the week. Kol Hamusica presents on Fridays Live Broadcast at 12 noon, Requests at 4 p.m., Golden Age broadcasts artists and great performances at 6 p.m. and many other things. This station broadcasts on Saturdays a lot of interesting things Morning concert at 7:10 a.m., New Discs at 10 a.m., Folklore at 12 noon, E.B.U. at 1 p.m., Ancient Music at 3 p.m., About Music at 4 p.m., Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra I.B.A. at 5. p.m., Israeli Artists at 7 p.m., Opera (complete, 9 p.m.).


Examples of programs: Morning concert, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra I.B.A., Live Broadcast, Ancient Music.