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WGBHWGBH 89.7 FM is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a public radio station. WGBH began broadcasting in 1951. It started from performance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. WGBH provides comprehensive classical music programming, combining original productions, distinctive specialty programs, live concert presentations and the talents of wonderful hosts. Today, WGBH broadcasts a mixed-format of classical, jazz, folk, blues, Celtic music and NPR News. WGBH informs, inspires, and entertains millions of people not only in Boston, but across the country and around the world. WGBH broadcasts live in-studio performances and interviews, as well as live broadcasts of the Boston Symphony Orchestra from Symphony Hall (on Friday afternoons when the orchestra is scheduled to play), and Tanglewood (on Sunday afternoons in the summer). WGBH has all-classical music HD Radio. 


Contact: WGBH, P.O. Box 200, Boston, MA 02134.
Phone: 617-300-5400, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.