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WIUMWIUM 91.3 FM is a radio station in Macomb, Illinois, in west-central Illinois. WIUM is licensed by Western Illinois University. In 1956 WWKS (named for William Kimbrough Shake, who installed the equipment) began broadcasting, as educational radio. In 1970 WWKS becomes WIUM. WIUM broadcasted and broadcasts classical music, the uniquely American sounds of jazz and folk music.
WIUM’s broadcast schedule includes locally produced and hosted classical music programming, jazz, interviews, and information about music occurring in the west-central Illinois region. WIUM regularly broadcasts programs featuring internationally renowned orchestras, opera. Great works – broadcast complete – by the foremost composers are complemented by intriguing discoveries from the past and certainly the best of today’s compositions. It transmits 24 hours a day.
In 2005 WIUM became the first University-licensed public radio service in the state of Illinois to begin broadcasting with HD (high definition) Radio technology.

Examples of programs: Perfomance today, Classical 24


Contact: WIUM 1 University Circle | Macomb, IL 61455 | Call (800) 895-2912