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WGUCWGUC 90.9 FM – Classical Public Radio is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. WGUC was founded in 1960 by a group of citizens who saw that a radio station devoted to cultural and public affairs programming in the region was very important. WGUC features news, talk programming and classical music. WGUC transmits favorites from classical music’s masters as well as less widely known treasures. In 2003, WGUC was the first public radio station in Ohio, which broadcasts an HD Radio signal and in 2006 WGUC became the first station in America to broadcast in Surround Sound. Classical program includes also Classics for Kids. Classics for Kids started broadcasting in 1998 and the aim of this program is to help adults introduce children to classical music. The program broadcasts in Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings, features a composer and his/her music, along with games, quizzes and curriculum materials for primary grade school students. The Classics for Kids lesson plans and teachers have practical, effective plans and activities how to use classical music to help children learn and how get national and state standards. This program is heard on several other classical-formatted public radio stations in the U.S.


Examples of programs: Classical music with Scott Blankenship and Ward Jacobson, Composers Datebook
Classics for Kids


Contact: Cincinnati Classical Public Radio Inc. | 1223 Central Parkway | Cincinnati, OH 45214
Phone: 513-241-8282 Fax: 513-241-8456