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WGTE Public MediaWGTE Public Media is based in Toledo, Ohio. WGTE 91.3 FM broadcasts news, classical music, jazz and folk music. WGTE in Toledo began broadcasting in 1976. Early broadcasts included live concerts by the Toledo Symphony and the first metropolitan opera. In 1984 WGTE began twenty-four hour broadcasting with Music Through the Night and Jazz After Hours.
The station extended its broadcast reach with the construction of satellite stations WGLE Lima (90.7 FM) in 1981, WGBE Bryan (90.9 FM) in 1996 and WGDE Defiance (91.9 FM) in 1999. Twenty six counties in Ohio and Michigan are served by the these four stations.
WGTE-FM relies on public support provided by individuals, corporations, foundations and various governmental entities. 


Examples of programs: Live from FM 91, Metropolitan Opera 2008-2009 Radio Broadcast Season


Contact: 1270 South Detroit Ave. P.O. Box 30 | Toledo, OH 43614
Phone: 419-380-4600 Fax: 419-380-4710