Classic FM 99.9 FM – 101.9 FM is one of the United Kingdom’s three Independent National Radio stations. Classic FM broadcasts classical music in a popular and accessible style. Classic FM began broadcasting in 1992, it was the first national commercial radio station in UK. Classic FM has more than 6.2 million listeners across the UK who tune in each week, this amount includes almost 400,000 children. Since 1992 Classic FM has grown up and now it includes Classic FM TV, a 24 hour classical music video channel; website; live concerts and book publishing. Classic FM strives to provide the best and broadest selection of classical music and fine arts programming heard in the country. Classic FM’s classical broadcasts are the most appealing classical music from every era, with special emphasis on new releases and music of timely interest. Great works – broadcast complete – by the foremost composers are complemented by intriguing discoveries from the past and certainly the best of today’s compositions. Classic FM hosts are Simon Bates, Lesley Garrett, Katie Derham, Jamie Crick, Richard Baker, Margaret Howard. Classic FM brings the listener unique programs such as Classic FM Requests, The Classic FM, Hall of Fame, Afternoons with Mark Forrest. Classic FM Requests is hosted by Jamie Crick. Classic FM Requests provides the music, which listeners have chosen by telephone 08457 49 18 12. The Classic FM Most Wanted is hosted by Jamie Crick and presents the daily Top 10 as voted for by listeners from 30 offering works. Classic FM has a wonderful program annual “Hall of Fame”.


Examples of programs: Hall of Fame, The Classic FM Most Wanted, Classic FM Requests


Contact: Classic FM | 30 Leicester Square | London | WC2H 7LA
Phone: Advertising Enquiries: 020 7054 8700