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Philharmonic Radio Taipei on 99.7FM – Taipei, Taiwan classical music radio station. 
Philharmonic Radio Taipei 99.7FM is the biggest classical music station on Taiwan. The station began broadcasting in 1994 and have been on air for over 14 years. Philharmonic Radio Taipei main goal is to bring classical music to every city in Taiwan, to every school librarie!  Philharmonic Radio Taipei 99.7FM has special children’s programs “classical for kids”.
Broadcast time: Monday to Thursday 20:30-21:00 juvenile music, Graffiti country music Friday 20:00-21:00.

Examples of kids programs: “Fantasy world of classical music” learn children to see the classical music in the fantasy world in their imagination; “Classroom music in the air” – ” Concerto is the best performance of the musicians playing skills, the best performance of the “star style” of the type of music. Would you like to listen to different music player?”; “Composer little story” about a lot of talented composers.

Taipei 110, Dongxing Road, Hsinyi District, 47 administrative floor, Room 7

Phone: (02) 8768-3399 ext 101