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The Best Classical Music Radio Stations



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WCNY-FM Classic-FM is located in Syracuse, New York. WCNY-FM is a National Public Radio member station. In 1985, WUNY-FM was added to broadcast to Utica and the Mohawk Valley. In 1986, classical music came to the North Country, when WJNY-FM signed-on in Watertown. With the addition of Utica and finally Watertown, the umbrella name of CLASSIC FM was adopted, and so it is today. One of the tenets of CLASSIC FM service is to broadcast performances by local performing arts organizations. This service starts with Central New York’s own Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. CLASSIC FM is pleased to offer SSO performances on Monday at 8pm and then repeat the program on the next Sunday at noon, with the help and support of Michael Roberts Associates. WCNY-FM also presents performances from Civic Morning Musicals, the Skaneateles Chamber Music Festival, Cooperstown and Chenango Music Fests, and the many other series, groups, and individual artists.

Examples of programs: Classic Choices with many hosts, Saturday Classics, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra

Contact: WCNY-FM Classic-FM | 506 Old Liverpool Road | P.O. Box 2400 | Syracuse, New York 13220-2400
Phone: (315)453-2424 Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm
CLASSIC FM Listener Request Line: (315)234-5081

ABC Classic

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ABC Classic FM is an Australian classical music radio station.
It is operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It was established in 1976 as “ABC-FM“. ABC Classic FM broadcasts classical music, operas, recitals, live concerts, music analysis programmes, and on weekdays an hour-long interview conducted by Margaret Throsby. Margaret Throsby is one of the most popular and admired broadcasters in Australia. On ABC Classic FM, Mornings with Margaret Throsby includes a great mix of classical music and a one hour interview at 10.05am with a special guest which gives an insight into the life and work, thoughts and feelings of the guest. A list of Margaret’s guests reads like a Who’s Who of Australians and visitors to Australia. She introduces all her guests wonderful and she brings real knowledge of her guest to each interview.
ABC‘s classical broadcasts are the most appealing classical music from every era, with special emphasis on new releases and music of timely interest. Great works – broadcast complete – by the foremost composers are complemented by intriguing discoveries from the past and certainly the best of today’s compositions.

Examples of programs:
All Night Classics, In Performance, Sunday Live,
Classic Breakfast with Emma Ayres, Just Classics with Damien Beaumont,
Classic Drive with Julia Lester, All Night Classics


Contact : Contact ABC Classic FM