Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP) is the Portuguese public service broadcasting corporation. It operates two television channels and three national radio channels. Three national radio Channels include:
RDP Antena 1 broadcasts news, talk and sports station with a strong focus on Portuguese music;
RDP Antena 2 provides cultural programming, classical and world music, featuring live performances;
RDP Antena 3, an up-tempo, youth-oriented station with focus on contemporary and alternative music ;
RDP International, the international radio service.
RTP is a corporation owned by the Portuguese state and it is funded through television advertising, government grants and the “Taxa de contribuição audiovisual” (broadcasting contribution tax), charged through electricity bills.
RDP Antenna 2 broadcasts at 88-106.8 FM the best and broadest selection of classical music. Antena 2 Portuguesa provides comprehensive classical music programming, combining original productions, distinctive specialty programs. Antena 2 Portuguesa helps keep the arts thriving in our community by making wonderful classical music accessible to all.


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